• At-Home DNA Test:  $210
    • Includes alleged father, child and mother (if available)
    • $70 per additional alleged father and/or child tested at the same time
    • Includes two-way express delivery of sample collection kit

  • Legal DNA Test:  $450
    • Includes alleged father, child and mother (if available); inquire for additional parties
    • Collection fee included when collected at one of our nationwide collection sites
    • Notarized and court-admissible results


  • Immigration/Surrogacy DNA Test:  $550
    • 2-party testing; inquire for additional parties
    • AABB accredited DNA testing
    • ​International shipments included in pricing

  • Family Reunification Program for Refugees and Asylees DNA Test 
    • Inquire for pricing
    • Adept in working closely with Resettlement Support Centers in Africa, Latin America and Asia

  • Family Study DNA Test:  $210 per tested individual
    • Sibling DNA test, uncle DNA test, family reconstruction, grandparentage DNA test​
    • ​Contact us for a personalized consultation

  • Prenatal DNA Test:  $630
    • ​Includes mother, amnio/CVS sample (child; collected by mother's doctor) and alleged father

  • ​Deceased DNA Test:  $325 per sample
    • ​Each additional tested party is $210 per person

​To order any of our DNA testing services,

please use the "Contact Us" page.

Pricing for DNA Tests

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