Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Immigration DNA Testing

Who can use the AABB immigration DNA tests?

Our DNA laboratory is accredited by the AABB and all of our legal DNA testing, including our immigration DNA test, involves strict chain of custody procedures and requires documentation of the identity of all tested parties.  Our immigration DNA tests can be used for immigration proceedings such as for a VISA (family based VISA only), CRBA (Consular Report of Birth Abroad), or in refugee or resettlement immigration cases.  The DNA testing, for proof of paternity, maternity or kinship, is conducted at the request of the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the US Embassy or other government agency.

Whether they are used in a state, tribal, or federal court, or for an adoption, surrogacy, or immigration through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Department of State (US embassies) around the world, or other organization, the results of our legal DNA tests may be viewed as valid and accurate when the chain of custody process has been followed.

What is the process for an AABB immigration DNA test?

After you call and set up your AABB immigration DNA test with one of our customer service representatives:

  • Petitioner or beneficiary currently residing in the US, if included in the DNA test request, will be scheduled at one of more than 1,700 collection sites available nationwide, providing a strict chain of custody DNA collection (painless cheek swab).  We schedule most DNA specimen collection appointments within 1-2 business days.  It is our goal to make this part of the process as convenient as possible for all parties involved. 
  • Following the DNA specimen collection, the authorized DNA sample collector will package the samples for a quick and easy shipment back to our DNA testing laboratory.  
  • For the DNA specimen collection of your overseas family (where applicable), your customer service representative will ship the DNA collection kit(s) to the appropriate Department of State facility (e.g. US Embassy or Consulate) overseas (worldwide).  
  • After receiving the DNA specimen collection kit(s) from your customer service representative, the US Embassy or Consulate will contact your family (using the contact information you provide) to schedule their appointment at the designated collection location overseas.  This part of the process is controlled by the Department of State (US Embassy or Consulate) and they follow strict chain of custody procedures for the DNA sample collection of your family member(s), procedures which they will include in their correspondences when scheduling DNA collection appointments for your family.
  • The DNA specimen collector at the US Embassy or Consulate will package the DNA specimen(s) and return the sample(s) to our laboratory for DNA sample processing.  
  • Immigration DNA test results are generally available in 3-5 business days once the lab receives the samples of all tested parties.
  • Our AABB DNA testing laboratory will submit your original AABB immigration DNA test results directly to the US Embassy or Consulate, or USCIS agency requesting it; you will receive a copy via email or mail.

Do I have to pay an extra fee for my Immigration DNA specimen collection?

No, Genetica's fees include specimen collection(s) for the party or parties in the US when the DNA samples are collected at one of more than 1,700 collection sites available around the United States.  Genetica also has access to collection sites worldwide, where collection fees may apply.

How are DNA specimens for my immigration DNA test collected?

DNA specimens for the immigration DNA test is easily obtained from the inside of the cheek with a sterile cotton swab (buccal swab); it is the valuable cheek cells, not the saliva, which contains the DNA that is used for our DNA paternity test, DNA maternity test, or DNA sibling test.  Genetica DNA Laboratories has access to an extensive network of DNA specimen collection sites nationwide.  We make the process of DNA specimen collections convenient for all parties involved.  

Does the mother of the child need to be tested in the immigration DNA test?

The immigration agency may request the mother's sample to be tested for a maternity test, in addition to the paternity test request.  Consult your Genetica DNA Laboratories' representative for more information on this type of request.  

How reliable are the immigration DNA test results?

Our AABB immigration DNA test results routinely provide a probability of paternity of 99.99% or 0% (excluded). Genetica DNA Laboratories should be your first step in your immigration DNA testing journey.

How is my personal information protected when ordering my immigration DNA test?

Your security and privacy are very important to our DNA laboratory.  Once your DNA samples and the DNA samples of your family are collected at a DNA specimen collection facility or overseas, they are packaged in a tamper-proof bag for shipment to our DNA testing laboratory.  All access into our DNA testing laboratory is by restricted entry only.  All samples are bar-coded and all computer systems are secured.  Your results and case information are shared only with authorized individuals.  For the protection of the tested parties, your DNA testing results are not released over the phone.  All DNA samples and DNA profiles are retained as long as required by our accreditation guidelines, but are destroyed after the requisite storage periods.

What do I need to start my immigration DNA test?

You will need the following information:

  • Names of all tested parties, including those overseas (where applicable)
  • Required government documents requesting immigration DNA testing
  • Current contact information for all parties involved, including those overseas (where applicable)
  • Return address or email for your copy of the results

​            (results will also be sent directly from the lab to the agency requesting the testing)

  • Payment (credit or debit card preferred; no cash or personal checks accepted)

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Immigration DNA Test

AABB Accredited DNA Testing

DNA testing is often utilized in family-based immigration cases where a United States citizen (petitioner) wishes to sponsor a relative for admission into the United States (beneficiary).  In such cases, the petitioner and the beneficiary may be required to prove their biological relationship through DNA testing. 

Genetica DNA Laboratories, accredited by AABB, specializes in immigration DNA testing for paternity, maternity and when needed, kinship (i.e. sibling) DNA tests which are conducted at the request of the US Embassy, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), or other government agency.

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​​Our dedicated immigration customer service representatives are committed to serving the needs of our clients and agencies in need of an AABB immigration DNA test.  Our immigration customer service representatives are especially adept in working closely with the US embassies, the DHS, USCIS, resettlement programs and agencies working with refugees, as well as with attorneys and petitioners worldwide.

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Our AABB Accredited Immigration DNA Testing Services include:

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