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We are one of the largest providers of private DNA identity tests to the general public, health care providers, scientific and legal professionals, and US embassies and consulates throughout the United States and worldwide.  As a leading supplier of DNA testing services, Genetica DNA Laboratories is committed to providing our clients with high quality DNA testing results.

Working with Legal Professionals

Genetica DNA Laboratories holds the following accreditation:

  • AABB (formerly American Association of Blood Banks) - accreditation for parentage testing

Genetica DNA Laboratories' genetic testing services have been used and trusted by the legal community to resolve legal issues involving DNA testing for over 20 years.  

Our clientele includes:

  • Family Law attorneys
  • Adoption attorneys & agencies
  • Immigration attorneys & agencies
  • Estate Law attorneys
  • Refugee/Resettlement attorneys & agencies
  • ​Surrogacy attorneys & agencies around the world

We understand that the needs of an attorney or legal agency are often different from the needs of the tested parties;  our customer service team is experienced in supporting the legal community and the agencies that support the legal professionals.  Click Here  for more information.

For DNA paternity testing and family relationship testing that follows the strictest of standards of accuracy, Genetica DNA Laboratories provides unsurpassed expertise.  We follow a strict chain of custody process, and we can provide expert testimony to support court cases. 

About Our Laboratory

Genetica DNA Laboratories has been providing services in the areas of human DNA identity testing and DNA family relationship testing for over 20 years.  

AABB Accreditation