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For All the DNA Testing Services You Need... Trust the Leader, Genetica® DNA Laboratories

About Genetica DNA Laboratories, Inc

Genetica DNA Laboratories, Inc. is among the world's first commercial providers of DNA testing services. For over two decades, Genetica DNA Laboratories, Inc. has provided DNA testing services in the areas of DNA identity testing, molecular infectious disease testing, and DNA family relationship testing. We are one of the largest providers of DNA paternity tests, DNA family relationship tests, and DNA identity tests to the general public as well as to healthcare, legal professionals and embassies throughout the United States and worldwide. Our GENETICA DNA TestTM brand is recognized as the most extensive DNA test, with exceptional quality and reliability, administered with care and strict confidentiality.
Highly trained and experienced M.D.s and Ph.D.s, scientists with graduate degrees in Molecular Biology, and DNA analysts with many years of DNA Family Relationship Testing experience perform DNA Parentage Testing services at Genetica DNA Laboratories, Inc. Such vast DNA testing experience is especially valuable in cases where unusual hereditary mutations are identified and in cases where extended, complicated family relationship reconstruction services are needed. Duplicate DNA isolations, multiple independent technical reviews of laboratory data in all cases, and attentiveness to each case by our highly trained and experienced scientists ensure correct case examination and interpretation of data at all times.
Genetica DNA Laboratories is equipped with a state-of-the-art, automated in-house laboratory robotics system related to every phase of the laboratory processing, from DNA extraction of the specimens to be analyzed, to utilization of genetic analyzers, to post-analytical data analysis. The utilization of these technologies by our laboratory allows us to remove the potential for human error associated with manual specimen processing, to process high volume of specimens, and to provide quicker turnaround times for results reporting.
For years, Genetica DNA Laboratories, Inc. has made sure that children all over the world know their true biological family members. We usually continue testing until more than 99.999999% of the population is shown not to match the genes of the tested child. Our DNA testing is so extensive that it provides a level of accuracy that is over one million times greater than most state and federal government standards. We provide affidavits, depositions and expert witness testimonies in Courts throughout the country
Genetica DNA Laboratories, Inc. is committed to providing everyone with individualized 24-hour professional confidential consultations through our toll free numbers 1-800-IDENTITY® [1-800-433-6848 in USA], 1-866-FAMILIA [1-866-326-4542 in Mexico], and 1-888-IDENTITY® [1-888-433-6848 in Canada]. Our worldwide clients can also reach us via 1-513-985-9777 [International]. We serve our clients locally through our extensive network of thousands of internationally established specimen collection sites; and thus, we provide convenient, professional specimen collections for our clients regardless of their location.
Genetica’s quality DNA testing services are internationally recognized with our accreditations by the Forensic Quality Services-International (FQS-I, ISO/IEC 17025), the AABB, (American Association of Blood Banks), the College of American Pathologists (CAP), the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH), and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) accreditation issued by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (see  Accreditations).
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