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The GENETICA DNA Test™ Difference in quality, service, respect, confidentiality and professional care

Genetica DNA Laboratories, Inc. is the first fully accredited laboratory to guarantee the accuracy of the DNA test results GENETICA DNA Test™ excellence in DNA testing for more than two decades our laboratory has been providing individuals around the world with the GENETICA DNA Test™, the most accurate, extensive and reliable DNA family relationship testing delivered with utmost respect, strict confidentiality and comprehensive, professional care before, during and after your DNA test.

GENETICA DNA Test™ symbol is the mark of excellence in DNA relationship testing – excellence in the type of DNA test you receive and in the type of comprehensive service you experience.
GENETICA DNA Test™ - excellence in DNA testing
You receive the most extensive DNA testing available anywhere.
DNA parentage testing has the power to produce conclusive, irrefutable answers. However, such powerful results are only produced when a sufficient number of genetic sites are tested. In fact, a DNA test may falsely substantiate fatherhood when only a small number of common genetic sites are analyzed. Genetica DNA Laboratories performs very extensive testing in all cases. The average power of exclusion of the GENETICA DNA Test™ is greater than 99.999999%. The GENETICA DNA Test™ is so stringent that it provides a level of accuracy that is over one million times greater than most state and federal government standards. We are committed to using the most proven and advanced methods of DNA technology. Our experienced laboratory professionals have established proven quality assurance processes in the laboratory that ensure errorless results. Among others, these quality assurance processes include: testing specimens in duplicate, computer verification and cross matching of all DNA profiles generated by the laboratory, and individual examination of each case data by at least two DNA expert scientists. Our laboratory professionals can test over 50 genetic markers when faced with complicated cases where genetic mutations or unusual genetic situations arise. Furthermore, our laboratory professionals have the training and the extensive experience to provide you with the most conclusive DNA test results in these complicated situations. What this means to you is that you have definite, irrefutable answers you can trust.

Fastest turn around time.
Our experienced laboratory professionals have developed automated and streamlined laboratory testing processes that allow us to provide you with the quickest testing turnaround time in the country. After we receive the child’s and the alleged father’s samples, the paternity results of the GENETICA DNA Test™ are typically available within 48 hours. Additionally,expedited, 24 hour DNA test results are also available. However, remember that our goal is to provide you with the most accurate DNA test results available anywhere. If your case requires special attention with additional testing due to genetic mutations or other special family circumstances, our laboratory professionals will give you the care and the time needed to provide you with irrefutable results. Whatever your specific circumstances require, you can count on the quickest turnaround in the country.

Your DNA testing is performed by experienced professionals.
Genetica DNA Laboratories is one of the largest and most experienced private DNA testing laboratories in the United States. Since 1988, we have performed tens of thousands of DNA paternity tests throughout the world. The professional staff at Genetica has played a key role in establishing accreditation standards used by DNA testing laboratories throughout the North America. Our DNA testing experts have the extensive training and experience to correctly diagnose the most complicated family relationship situations. The data of each DNA test is individually examined by a minimum of two physicians.

Your DNA test results are guaranteed.
We are the first fully accredited laboratory to guarantee the accuracy of our DNA test results. Due to our extraordinary level of accuracy, we are able to guarantee that when the child and the alleged father are tested, the DNA test results will either prove that the tested man is not the biological father of the child, or, they will demonstrate greater than 99.99% probability the tested man is the biological father. (see  Guarantee) What that means to you is that you can trust Genetica DNA Laboratories to provide you with the best, most accurate test results available anywhere… the GENETICA DNA Test™, guaranteed.

Receive personal consultations on DNA testing directly from the laboratory that conducts your DNA testing – 24 hours.
At Genetica, we provide the latest information you need to make your personal decisions. Our highly trained consultants and physicians are ready to answer DNA test questions specific to your family situation 24 hours. The advantage to you is that you receive reliable, professional DNA information from an established, accredited, professional staff that handles all the details of DNA testing for you in an efficient and confidential manner, 24 hours a day.

Once we receive a request to initiate a DNA test, we assign your personal Case Manager, as well as a doctoral level professional, to oversee all the aspects of sample collection and testing. Our extensive network of specimen collection sites makes the process close and convenient for everyone throughout the United States and worldwide.

You can also be assured that the consultations you receive come directly from the laboratory professionals who are performing your DNA test. While many companies who provide DNA testing services subcontract their testing to various laboratories, Genetica DNA Laboratories performs DNA tests within its own laboratory. What this means to you is that your specimens arrive directly at the DNA testing laboratory, you know the identity and the reputation of the laboratory that will actually process your specimens, and you can communicate directly with laboratory professionals handling your case.

When the notarized, guaranteed the GENETICA DNA Test™ results are released, our physicians are available for DNA results consultations on your case, 24 hours a day. Our experienced doctoral staff is also ready to provide expert witness testimonies, affidavits, and depositions. What this means to you is that you can count on Genetica DNA Laboratories to provide you with definitive, incontestable DNA results you can trust, and also to help you understand and professionally defend the DNA answers you receive.

You experience personal respect and confidentiality before, during and after your DNA test.
Our highly trained, caring professionals take the time and the care to listen to you, and we always treat your information with strict confidence. We conduct all aspects of DNA testing and release of test results in accordance with your instructions.

Your situation is extremely personal and Genetica consultants give you the special, personal attention you need and deserve, before, during, and after your DNA test. If you need legal advice on family matters, Genetica DNA Laboratories can provide you with referrals to regional family law attorneys. If you would like to receive consultations on how to deal with difficult family situations before or after taking a DNA paternity test, Genetica DNA laboratories can provide you with referrals to family counselors.

When it comes to your family, trust Genetica DNA Laboratories for the latest information on DNA testing, for the most accurate DNA test results, plus test results counseling and follow-up resources – because we care.
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