Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Sibling DNA Test

In the Sibling DNA Test (sibling test), two children are tested to determine whether they share the same biological parent or parents. Full siblings are individuals who have the same biological mother and the same biological father. Half siblings share only one parent. Sibling DNA Test (sibling test) determines the likelihood that two individuals are full or half brother(s) and/or sister(s).

Since siblings have the same parent(s), they have matching genes much more often than do two unrelated individuals. When matches between two potential siblings are found, calculations are made to determine the probability that a sibling relationship exists. The Sibling DNA Test usually shows a number of genetic matches in true biological siblings. In such cases, the GENETICA DNA Test™ for siblings may show the probability of siblingship to be greater than 99%, provided the tested alleged siblings inherited genes that are not commonly present in the population.

The Sibling DNA Test is often a useful and informative test when only two potential siblings are available for testing. However, in some cases, testing additional known family members (in addition to the two potential siblings) greatly improves the accuracy of this DNA test.

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