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Prenatal DNA Paternity Test - The GENETICA DNA Test™

Under certain circumstances, you may find it necessary to perform Prenatal DNA testing - DNA test on an unborn child (fetus) for the purpose of establishing biological paternity. The highly accurate GENETICA DNA Test™ for paternity may be performed before birth of the child. The accuracy of a Prenatal DNA test is not affected by the age of the child or fetus tested, provided that the same rigorous testing procedures are used in the analysis.

A Prenatal DNA paternity test - DNA test during pregnancy must be performed by obtaining either a small sample of the placenta (i.e, chorionic villus sampling), or a sample of amniotic fluid that bathes the baby (i.e, amniocentesis). These fetal samples must be collected by the mother's obstetrician, and their collections pose a slight risk to both the mother and the fetus.

In some cases, the mother's obstetrician may decide to perform chorionic villus sampling or amniocentesis in order to check the health of the unborn baby. When such samples are collected from the fetus by the obstetrician for medical reasons, Genetica DNA laboratories can also conduct Prenatal DNA paternity testing on the same samples (no additional sampling is needed for Prenatal DNA paternity testing). Just contact Genetica DNA Laboratories, and our staff will work with the mother's obstetrician's office to make arrangements for DNA testing of the fetal samples.
If you are pregnant, you may choose to collect a sample from your child in one of the following ways:
1. Prior to Birth of the Child (Prenatal DNA Paternity Testing)
DNA testing may be performed before the birth of the child. Prenatal DNA Test is only performed if the mother undergoes:
+ Chorionic villus sampling (taking a small piece of the placenta), or
+ Amniocentesis (collection of a sample of fluid that bathes the baby)

In such cases, Prenatal DNA Testing is performed as an adjunct to the medical tests your obstetrician plans to perform. We do NOT recommend the performance of amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling solely for parentage determination because these procedures are invasive and pose a slight risk to the mother and the fetus. Taking of a sample from the fetus must be approved by and must be performed by the mother's obstetrician.
2. During Birth of the Child (Umbilical Cord Collection)
The Child's blood sample may be collected from the umbilical cord during birth. In such cases, we supply the mother with an umbilical cord blood collection kit prior to the baby's birth. This kit contains all the materials necessary for collection and shipment of the umbilical cord blood sample to our laboratory. The samples from the mother and alleged father are typically collected prior to the birth on the child in such cases. To request specimen collection kits for umbilical blood collection,contact us.
3. Anytime After Birth
A buccal swabbing of the inside of the child's cheek may be performed at any time after the child's birth. Genetica DNA Laboratories typically has results of DNA paternity testing available within 48 hours from the time samples arrive to our laboratory. We also have the capacity to provide you with 24 hour DNA paternity test results.
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