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Family Relationship DNA Testing Services

In addition to providing DNA Parentage Tests that determine whether a man can be the child's father and/or whether a woman can be the child's mother, Genetica DNA Laboratories is a full service DNA Family Relationship Testing laboratory performing a multitude of genetic family relationship determination tests.
In cases where the alleged father is deceased or unknown, the paternal grandparents can be tested to determine the likelihood they are the child's true paternal grandparents, theGrandparentage DNA Test.  Other relatives may be used if both grandparents are not available.
In the  Sibling DNA Test,   two children are tested to determine whether they share the same biological parent or parents.
The Family Relationship DNA Testing can also determine whether twins are fraternal twins or identical twins, the  Zygosity DNA Test.
In cases where a family member is deceased or missing, Family Relationship DNA Test called DNA reconstruction test may be performed in order to identify the decedent and/or to determine the person's biological relationship to known family members. Such Family Relationship DNA Testing is possible because the genes of the deceased or missing family member are present in his known biological family members (i.e., his parents, his siblings, his known children). See  Family Reconstruction DNA Test.
You may obtain more detailed information regarding the Family Relationship DNA Testing Services we provide by following the links on this page. We provide the most extensive DNA paternity testing, and we also provide a variety of other extensive DNA family relationship tests, as well as complicated DNA family reconstruction tests. Genetica DNA Laboratories' staff includes nationally recognized experts in the field of DNA relationship testing. Our experienced professional staff serve as invaluable consultants to the legal and medical professionals throughout the world on Family Relationship DNA Test report interpretations and on the validity of Family Relationship DNA Test results. Your situation is unique and you may require personal consultation. Our toll free DNA Information Line is1-800-433-6848
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