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Trusted DNA Results

Scientific and legal accuracy has been our highest priority for over 20 years

Pricing Includes Collection Fees

Pricing for legal DNA tests include collection fees when collected at one of 1,700 plus collection sites available nationwide

Our facility has been serving the DNA testing needs of legal professionals and private individuals for over 20 years. Under the accreditation program covering our testing laboratory, regular comprehensive in-depth inspections are performed to demonstrate that the policies, procedures, employees, and equipment meet stringent quality standards.

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Immigration DNA Test

AABB accredited testing for US embassies, DHS, USCIS, and more

Legal DNA Test

Full chain of custody DNA testing

At-Home Collection

When "peace-of-mind" is all you need

Rapid Results

DNA test results for paternity and maternity are typically available in 3-5 business days

Genetica DNA Laboratories is an AABB accredited facility. We specialize in providing DNA paternity testing, DNA family relationship testing and immigration DNA testing.

Whether you need a DNA test for legal purposes or DNA testing in the privacy of your own home, at Genetica, we'll provide high-quality customer service and support for your DNA testing needs. 

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